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Rhythm & Hues Studios
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Los Angeles, CA  90034

M.S. Computer Science, Florida State University
August, 2005

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Master's Thesis
Precomputed Global Illumination of Isosurfaces.
(to be submitted for publication)
Kevin M. Beason, Josh Grant, David C. Banks, Brad Futch, M. Yousuff Hussaini. Pre-Computed Illumination for Isosurfaces. Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis, 2006. [PDF]
David C. Banks, Kevin M. Beason. Retro-rendering with Vector-Valued Light: Producing Local Illumination from the Transport Equation. Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis, 2006. [PDF]

Software Projects

A physically-based ray tracer (see large image to right)
A subdivision surface generator
An incompressible fluid simulation and visualization (in development)
An image gallery making PERL script
A shell script to record X session to video using DivX4 compression

Class Pages

Interactive Computational Simulation 2002
Photo-Realistic Computer Graphics 2002
Photo-Realistic Computer Graphics 2001

Filopodium of a living mouse neuron, rendered with global illumination using photon mapping and subsurface scattering using my software.
Data courtesy Debra Fadool and Wilfredo Blanco, Florida State University.


Conference Reports

SIGGRAPH 2003 Summary
SIGGRAPH 2004 Photos
SIGGRAPH 2004 Presentation Information

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